New Applet for uniFLOW

Need to add a new Canon imagePROGRAF TX series printer to a uniFlow server set-up, but don’t want to use the separate uniFLOW Release Station? Well here’s some great news…there’s an applet for that!

Canon and NT-WARE – uniFLOW have now integrated the ultra-secure “follow me” print ability, so it’s just like using their office MFD but with an LFP device.

Keeping the familiarity we already love about uniFLOW, you can now just scan your card on the tiny IC card reader and then select and release your print job using the printer operation panel. For extra security, print jobs are then saved on the uniFLOW server rather than on the printer’s HDD.

Want to know more? Hit the link below!

Canon imagePROGRAF – Always evolving

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