Trig Point, a PRO series case study

It prints out images that are bang-on to what you see on the screen!” – Jim Pollard, co-owner of Trig Point Print and Frame.

Canon imagePROGRA PRO series printer

Jim Pollard is a professional wedding and landscape photographer, and his wife, Vicky, takes care of the framing, etc. Together they co-founded Trig Point Print and Frame, a highly successful photography and fine art business in New Zealand.

Jim had originally steered clear of printing their images as they thought it was an intimidating process… that was until they had the chance to play with a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series printer, that’s when they both realised that not only is printing large format images really easy, it’s also fun and very lucrative. They quickly invested in a 24” model for their business and they love it!.

So, if you don’t print images because “printing is complex and expensive”, have a look at this video…it’s 3 minutes that may just change your mind!

Canon imagePROGRAF – for “bang-on” prints, time after time

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