Canon printers are cosmic!

You may have recently heard that the black hole observation project known as the Event Horizon Telescope (participating project members include Taiwan, the USA and Japan) has made history by becoming the first to capture an image of a genuine black hole.

The subject is about 27,000 light years from Earth and is highlighted by a cloud of red-hot plasma, so precise colour and deep black reproduction was a critical factor when printed images were needed for study. That’s why Canon was engaged by China’s Academia Sinica, who requested that the black hole photos were produced on our 44inch imagePROGRAF 12-color printer due to its reputation for incredible detail and colour.

The Canon printer’s 12 ink system with Chroma Optimiser was ideally suited to enhance the details of the dark areas, reduce reflection and reproduce even the most complex of colours, making the prints ideal for close scrutiny.

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Canon imagePROGRAF – Simply light years ahead

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Tony - MBE Bournemouth

We have been working with Andy & Paul for the last 10 years and can say that their professionalism and quality of work and support is second to none. They are always on hand for supplies and technical support. The 3 machines that we have bought from them have been cared and kept in perfect condition giving us in Bournemouth the finest quality prints in town. Thank you both for a wonderful service and always with a smile.

Chris Brown - Mode Nine Creative

Great service from the guys. Very happy with our machine. Delivered and installed without any fuss and the training made sure we hit the ground running. Would definitely recommend!

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