Avoiding strikes

An issue for many brands of printer is that sometimes the paper being used can be tightly wound. Toward the end of a roll the paper may have a lot of curl or ‘memory’, causing it to be raised slightly when it moves under the printhead. This can cause head strikes, where the print head scuffs the top of the paper whilst printing, creating unwanted marks on the print and making it unsalable.

Canon imagePROGRAF printers automatically adjust the head height based on the paper type selected and use suction to keep the paper as flat as possible while printing, However, if your customer has a particularly challenging roll of media, they can manually change the head height and/or vacuum strength via the control panel. This is an incredibly quick and simple process that can easily be carried out by even a novice operator, so there’s no waiting for an expensive technician or time and materials wasted.

avoiding strikes

Just one more feature that makes the Canon imagePROGRAF models the most stress-free, easy to use and money saving range available.

Canon imagePROGRAF – Great looking prints, time after time

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Tony - MBE Bournemouth

We have been working with Andy & Paul for the last 10 years and can say that their professionalism and quality of work and support is second to none. They are always on hand for supplies and technical support. The 3 machines that we have bought from them have been cared and kept in perfect condition giving us in Bournemouth the finest quality prints in town. Thank you both for a wonderful service and always with a smile.

Chris Brown - Mode Nine Creative

Great service from the guys. Very happy with our machine. Delivered and installed without any fuss and the training made sure we hit the ground running. Would definitely recommend!

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